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12 Building Blocks to Use Learning Technologies Effectively – Spaced Learning

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Paul. A. Kirschner and Mirjam Neelen describe in 12 building blocks how to teach effectively using twelve evidence-informed instruction principles. They explain the building blocks very clearly using the evidence from educational research.

Building Block 1: Activating Relevant Prior Knowledge

Building Block 2: Give Clear, Structured, and Challenging Instruction

Building Block 3: Use Examples

Building Block 4: Combine Words and Visuals

Building Block 5: Make Learners Process the Subject Matter Actively

Building Block 6: Check Whether All Learners Have Understood the Content

Building Block 7: Provide Scaffolding for Challenging Tasks

Building Block 8: Spaced Learning

Building Block 9: Variable Practice

Building Block 10: Testing

Building Block 11: Feedback

Building Block 12: Learn More Effectively

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